Corona Virus - What does it mean for my wedding?

Hey, and thanks for taking this time to come here and get information. It is a scary time for a lot of us, not only in the wedding industry but all over the world just now, but as an industry, we are in constant discussion about the fear for couples that have been planning their big day for a long time. 


With regards to me being able to cover your wedding or getting cover for me on your wedding day, as of now there are zero reasons to think anything else but I WILL BE THERE!!


Guidelines which are set out to all businesses and the general public in the UK to follow are changing daily, as the current situation stands we are in lockdown we are meaning that all mass gatherings including weddings have been reduced to a maximum of 30 people, that 30 includes the staff and officials so that's something that should be kept in mind. 

I want to first start by saying please don't panic! If your wedding has to be postponed, either by force of the government or your venue, or just your own personal choice due to the welfare of yourself and your family and friends then please rest assured that I will do everything in my power to work not only with you, but your venue and other suppliers to get a date in the future that we can all work with. 


 One thing I can say though is that I am in a group with over 400 wedding photographers in and around the whole of the North West of England, and should I myself become ill we have you covered. We are all aware that couples are worried, and I hope this brings some peace of mind.


Believe me, when I say, I’ll be at your wedding ready to capture your perfect day or send an equally capable associate unless that decision is taken away from me by higher powers.


Your venue WILL NOT wish to cancel your wedding, the worst-case scenario will be to postpone. This will be potential for a midweek date in the near future as most venues will have bookings for weekend dates already booked in.


What are my choices?


Your first choice would be to carry on as normal if your wedding is outside of the partial lockdown dates.

Your second choice would be to postpone to a later date. If this was to happen and you wish to move your date to any other 2020 or 2021 date that I have free, then I will do my utmost to work with your other suppliers in making sure that you are not financially hit. 
My first advice would be not to take too long in choosing a new date, Especially if you are looking at this year. Many weddings are postponing and so my remaining available dates in Sept/Oct/Nov and beyond are going to book up quickly. Of course, if you're looking at rescheduling to a weekday then you can pretty much take your pick. 

Everything you've paid to date will be moved across. I will also be issuing new contracts for all new dates and those terms will be 50% of the remaining balance payable by your original payment date in order to secure your new date.

That way it means that I can keep cashflow moving, something that's imperative and means I'll still have a business and be able to shoot your wedding towards the end of the year! The other 50% would be due 4 weeks before the new wedding date.

Your third choice would be to choose a date I'm not free. If you choose a date for postponement and I'm unfortunately already booked for that date. I will do my best within our group of 400+ photographers within the north west to provide you with not only an associate shooter but someone with the same skill and high quality and style that I would be providing you with myself who will come along and capture your big day, they will provide me with raw images for me to edit in my signature style so you still have the style of photography you originally booked. 

This has been discussed on a number of occasions within our group and we are here to support each other if needed by covering weddings and passing images back to the original photographers to edit and deliver to their clients.

Cancellations Please check the terms and conditions within the contract you signed for your terms of cancellation, and we urge you to check your insurance in the event of government forced closures of wedding venues and limitations on weddings and events. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime via any form most convenient to you. I’m always more than happy to discuss or ease any worries you may have. 

I have provided below a calendar of available dates should you wish to postpone, this is so you can easily check dates. Please do contact me immediately if this is something you wish to go ahead with as this calendar will change frequently as the virus and government guidelines progress.  

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