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Suzanne Clark Photography & Film


We have been awarded the past 2 years Three Best Rated award for best photographer in Bury 2020 & 2021


Bright, Fun and Full of Emotion - Photography & Film in the North West, Lancashire & Cheshire.
We capture the story and emotion of your perfect wedding day. 

So, you are looking for a wedding photographer, videographer or perhaps both?
Have a good look around my site and see if im just what you are looking for. 
Everyone has different priorities when it comes to their wedding and

its a very personal choice but I always feel that your photographs and video are so important. They are your memories in the years to follow, they are
the memories you will show your children & your grandchildren.
They are the memories you will look back on when your own
memories fade, and they really do fade. My own wedding was just 5 years ago yet my photos remind me all the time of the little things that have slipped from my mind.
That is why it's so important to know what style of photographer you
are looking for as we aren't all the same.
Fine art, reportage, editorial,  cinematic, traditional, documentary there
are lots of different kinds and it's all down to personal choice. 

My style would be described as Bright, fun and full of emotion with a mix of documentary and posed (but mostly capturing real
moments as they happen). 

Thinking of booking with us
See the BEST OF 2020/21!!!

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Natalie Kirwin 

"A million thankyou's is not enough honest xxx "

Make moments to treasure

I love to capture real moments as they happen, every wedding is unique and deserves to be captured that way. I love to become one of your guests and blend into the background. Its how I capture the true moments, the special moments, the real moments.

Wedding photography is, and always has been my passion, so I give my everything into making your wedding day as unique as you are. 
Red Hall hotel Bury wedding

"Photography Storyteller"