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Here is a selection of stuff we offer as part of our packages, but as your wedding is as unique as you are, we want you to choose just what you want from your wedding photography.

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Second Photographer

You will get another fully insured professional photographers, this is perfect for capturing groom prep  on our combination package as well as getting another angle on your big day



Full day videography


 In addition to your photography, you will also receive a full feature film including ceremony and speeches as well as highlights from your day plus you will also receive a 5-minute highlight film - perfect for sharing with family and friends.

This is all at a massively reduced rate, Why? you ask

Well because we are already there on your big day we are able to offer this amazing deal!




Engagement Shoot

Here at Suzanne Clark Photography, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Our aim is natural but let's be honest, who can be natural when you have a camera around so I stay in the background and capture real moments. 
We offer engagement shoots for couples who want to see exactly what they are getting, or who want to feel that little bit more confident in front of the camera before their big day, or maybe just want to practise those poses.

Whatever your reasons for wanting an engagement shoot, you can't go wrong with our amazing rate of which includes all images taken fully edited.


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