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Crabwall Manor Mollington Chester - 1st September 2017

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

I had only met Sian and Geoff a couple of weeks before the wedding as this wedding was one that was passed on from another photographer who couldn't do it for personal reasons but as soon as I walked into their beautiful home I knew I was going to get on great with them.

I was looking forward to their big day and I wasn't disappointed as soon as I stepped foot in the bridal prep room I felt welcome on Sian and Geoffs big day.

What an amazing couple, it all started at Bridal prep, laughs and tears were how the day started and continued throughout.

I walked in and saw a box that said Sunshine Box and was told by the bridesmaids it was open this morning to let the sunshine out.

It didn't fail us because it shone all day. As she walked down the aisle I saw her grooms eyes fill with pride and love and you can see why, what a beautiful bride she made.

I had never photographed at Crabwall Manor before, what an absolutely stunning venue.

The staff were all really lovely, the grounds were outstanding and the building was stunning as well.

Group photos were a lot of fun, especially the bridal party which we photographed with 4 giant white balloons, I do love something a bit different.

We guests were then seated for their meal and I was served the tastiest spag bol and meatballs, It was really good!

The guests had their traditional wedding breakfast meal and it was soon time for speeches. 

I haven't laughed as much is ages as I did when the best man started telling us all about Geoff's younger days when he lived alone in his flat, apparently it wasn't the tidiest of places, he had all the guests in stitches. 

We went out for drinks on the lawn of the beautiful Crabwall Manor. The harpist was playing, sun was shining I don't think they could have asked for a more perfect day.

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