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Inglewood Manor Ellesmere Port - 14th August 2017

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

I first met Nicola just 4 weeks before her big day at her parents home in Ellesmere Port.

We sat and discussed the wedding and soon hit it off with talk of similar tastes and just how she had planned her big day.

On arrival of the day I met the Bride and bridesmaids at the stunning venue Inglewood Manor, what amazing grounds I just prayed that the weather was going to be kind to us so that we could make full use of them.

The bridal prep was lovely, full of fun and laughter. I hit it off with all the bridesmaids and when it was time to leave for the church we arranged a first peek for the father of the bride which was just beautiful as it brought a tears to both of their eyes, I just love moments like that.

The ceremony was held at a really cute little church, St Mary's and St Helens in the cute little town of Neston, just 5 minutes drive from Inglewood Manor.

It was a lovely service, really personal and the church was so cute, a typical village church with lots to offer.

After the ceremony we were lucky that the sun shone all day and we made our way back to Inglewood Manor where we had drinks on the terrace before group photos.

The brides stepdad had made some fantastic frames that he had decorated himself and hung around various locations around the terrace and guests made full use of them getting some fantastic shots.

We had a wedding breakfast with a bit of a difference as the bride and groom had chosen bangers and mash, it was delicious and after a summer of chicken it was very very welcomed.

At the speeches, we heard the brides sister (the maid of honour) do a rap ! It had taken her 6 weeks to rehearse but everyone in the room sat stunned it silence it was brilliant. Definitely one of the best "speeches" ive ever heard.

Later on during couples shots it decided to rain, not welcomed at all but we didn't let it spoil our mood.

Overall it was just the perfect day for them both Thank you for letting me share your big day guys.

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