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When should I book my photographer? How do I find the right photographer for me?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Ok, so they popped the question, or maybe you did! and now you are planning your big day.

Everything might seem a little daunting at first and there is so much to plan

Which venue would be best? What about the dress! Guests, rings, food

I really wish I could sugar coat it for you but the truth is that weddings take a lot of planning

but that doesn't mean that planning can't be fun.

So choosing your photographer can be one of the most exciting as well as important jobs you

will do when planning your special day.

One question I hear asked a lot is, When should I book my photographer?

A good photographer often takes bookings 2+ years in advance, I have been a wedding photographer for 8 years now and

will say that over the years I have seen a fair few disappointed couples who have waited, only to find that

their date has been booked and they have lost their dream photographer and its back to the drawing board.

So if you have found your dream photographer, their work sings out to you and you like their personality then get them booked before somebody else does.

It seems like a lifetime away when you start to plan but believe me it soon comes round and you wonder where the time went.

For the rest of your lives, you will look back at your wedding photos and remember your special day.

Do you have your venue all booked ? There isn't much point in securing a date with a photographer until you know exactly where your wedding

will be held, but my advice would be that as soon as the venue is booked your next step is too get your photographer booked.

So how do I know which photographer is right for me?

You will see so many different styles of photography and no style is right or wrong as its completely down to personal choice, but it's important to find a style of editing that you like and go from there.

The 3 'P's are Portfolio Personality Price, obviously its really important to choose a photographer that's within your budget but don't just look for price alone.

Peak wedding season is from May – September, with June, July, August and Bank Holiday weekends often getting booked up very quickly. Friday weddings and even midweek are also becoming increasingly popular,

so don’t hang about if your wedding is on one of those dates and don't forget a booking fee and signed contract will be needed to secure your date, so return these to your photographer ASAP because your date isn't secure without them.

The first and most important thing to check is that they are an experienced professional, all professionals will have a website as well as a portfolio of past work. They will

also have feedback from their past customers and should be able to show you a full wedding.

I feel its really important to ask to see a full day wedding from a photographer and not just the best ones they have selected for their website gallery. Another important thing to check

is that they are insured and have the right equipment, ask them what they would do in the event of not being able to attend. Do they have a support network to cover them and more importantly are they insured?

Their work should get your excited about your own big day, make sure you read their 'about me' section to get a feel for their personality as I always tell my own customers you have to work together all day in getting the best

your photographer can so its really important that you feel relaxed and happy around your photographer.

Ultimately it’s for you to use your judgement about whether the photographer offers everything you want at a price you can afford (my website it a good place to start, joke.....but actually i'm not) anyway

I hope I've managed to give you some good pointers on choosing the best photographer for you, whoever you decide to book I wish you an amazing wedding day.

If bright, fun and full of emotion, capturing your memories perfectly without being stuck in front of the camera all day is what you are looking for then please feel free to check me,

I cover Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool and beyond.

In fact i'm happy to cover all of the North West and beyond so just ask.

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